On Face Book, what does it mean when you poke someone or get poked?

Answer When you poke someone it will just tell the other person that you poked them. It doesn't really mean anything, it is what it is: just a poke. It is just sort of a way to say hello, almost like you ... Read More »

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If I POKE someone on facebook and then block them, will they still see that I poked them?

No they wont. If you block them, its like the other person never existed. Just move on, and dont worry about it :P

What does it mean when someone makes this face >w<?

Probably shy/embarrassed or really excited. Or constipated, lol.

LADIES.....What Hangs At A Man's Thigh And Is Used To Poke A Hole That It Has Often Poked Before?

Ba-dum-bum! (cymbal) Thank you, Thank you, I'll be here all week!BA: I am sure that I have a EXTREMELY dirty mind!

I have been poked on facebook What does this mean?

not necessarily. A poke is just like saying hi, its kinda pointless actually. Its usually just a casual hello. I wouldn't worry about it.