On Average, How Much Do Cars Depreciate?

Answer On average, cars depreciate by about 65% over the first five years, according to Kelley Blue Book, an automotive pricing firm. Most of this value is lost in the first few years.Source: http://www.c... Read More »

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How Much to Depreciate Automobiles?

How much an automobile depreciates depends on a number of factors. Depreciation rates vary by manufacturer, type of car, model year and mileage. A new car buyer feels the sting of depreciation as s... Read More »

How much does a car depreciate each year?

There are many factors that determine how much a car depreciates each year. There are also various methods for calculating depreciation, especially for tax purposes.DefinitionDepreciation is the d... Read More »

Average APR Financing for Cars?

The average APR financing for cars is 7 percent for a 60-month (five-year) loan for a new car and 7.86 percent for a 36-month (three-year) loan for a used car.Source:

What Is the Average Gas Mileage of Cars?

The average gas mileage of cars is 31.2 miles per gallon, based on preliminary mileage estimates for 2008 model-year passenger cars. Light trucks averaged 23.4 miles per gallon.Source: http://blogs... Read More »