Omg someone help Facebook trouble?

Answer Hey there! There's a "Cancel Friend Request" button!!! :)

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Is anyone else having trouble getting onto facebook?

AHHHHHHH i just asked this question.yesi amits annoyingit wont load at allthanks!! now i know its not my computer being a bitccch! =]

Is anyone else having trouble getting into Facebook today?

I can't get into facebook either it was alright at 9 this morning now keep getting internet explorer cannot display this web page.

Am i in trouble with the law (4chan , facebook :s )?

Thing is, nothing was even illegal about the thread. If she had undergarments on then it's not considered child pornography and is just a random picture of a girl. So you did nothing wrong, and h... Read More »

Is anyone else having trouble logging into facebook?

Yes! It kept saying i had a server error and when i did get on, my comments took ages to be placed and profile pages didn't load quickly enough and some not at all. You are not alone and i'm glad s... Read More »