Omg i dont know what to do! help me!?

Answer ok, im pretty sure you have a sprained wrist, but since its hurting w/o activity, it might be majior and last for a long period of time. put an ice patch on ur wrist so u can numb the pain. do this... Read More »

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Please help, I dont know what to do.?

It sounds as if you've just caught the normal flu.Usually, here are some things I do when i'm sick.- get lots and lots of rest.- stick to fluids and no solid foods ( soup is my best friend! )- use ... Read More »

Please help...i dont know what to do?

Change your passwords. DO THAT FIRST!! I highly doubt they can hack your accounts.. but try changing your account name(s) and deleting all of your contacts just in case. Choose a nickname and passw... Read More »

I dont know what to do =[ please help?

Must have affected your typing...go to the doctors

Please help...i dont know what to do!?

Send the card - this might be the start of mending fences. Do not send a "get well" one because she might not get well. Send one, "thinking of you" and then put a note inside that you are hoping ... Read More »