Omg did i my period URGENT.. women only?

Answer CONGRATULATIONS. Yes, it's your period. WAKE UP YOUR MOTHER NOW. She needs to know. DO NOT LET HER SLEEP THROUGH THIS. (Yes, I'm YELLING nicely at you). I got mine at 13 too. Use the pad tonigt. If... Read More »

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Period help!!! urgent please!!?

Try going to the store and buy Pads for day and for night don't wear when swimming but it will stop in the water!! Make sure the nighttime ones are long tho!! Have fun!

Never had sex missed period for 6 mounths now PLEASE URGENT HELP?

Ignore any suggestions that have sex as a solution. This will not fix any personal health problems that you have within your body and could introduce new ones if you had unprotected sex and contrac... Read More »

Can you go swimming while on your period (FAST/URGENT)?

Nope when i'm on ine NO swimming for me cause i HATE tampons sooo that means NO swimming :( sorryyy

Women only HELP urgent?

bring a tampon with you and when you get to the pool, just walk around for about 10 minutes (casual talking, etc so you wont look suspicious) and then go to the bathroom and see if you're still spo... Read More »