Omg, can i have gotten pregoo from this!!!!!!!!!?

Answer no, its impossible if yous had clothes inbetween you and you had a period afterwards, dont worry :)

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Could I have gotten Hep C from this?

i am absoulely appaulled at some of the answers given on this subject- even those from supposed "nurses".first of all HCV is ONLY infectious through cross contamination of blood. hcv infected blood... Read More »

Have you gotten this call yet?

By the way, getting on the 'Do not call' list takes a while to take effect. I found it doesn't help that much. I still get a lot of Telemarketers who call, usually from 'private' or 800-888-877 num... Read More »

Could I have gotten sick from a cut?

If it's a cold, probably not. If it's a fever, then yes, it's possible.Be sure to always keep any injuries that break the skin properly cleaned, as even something as small as a paper cut can allow ... Read More »

I might have gotten a computer virus from Wikipedia?

It never happened to me. 'I frequently visit wikipedia. nothing has happened like it.