Omg I think I have sand in my camera!?

Answer Here are some simple things to try first for a camera that won't power on. They won't work for every case, but they're worth a try:…And if sand really is ... Read More »

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What should you do if the top of the sand filter and the fingers at the bottom have both been replaced but there is still sand in the pool and you have already tried backwashing?

Answer Many people mistake "mustard algae" as sand in their pool. Does the sand briefly disappear when you run a pool brush over it? Mustard algae resettles quickly and looks very much like filte... Read More »

My wife mowed over the sand mound we have and hit the top of the pvc pipe (observation pipe i think)?

Buy some replacement pieces at any home store and put it back the way it was. PVC is easy to work with.

Do you think a 12 should have a camera?

not a really expensive one no but vtech has come out with a new kid proof camera that would be pretty cool or the have ones that the parent control the plan i guess would work!!!

Help sand in camera!!!?

You won't be able to get the sand out.Don't try to use the camera until it has been serviced by a camera repairer.Unfortunately, that could cost as much as (or maybe more than) a new camera.I hope ... Read More »