Omg, I need help. I just added a wrong person on facebook...?

Answer delete her as a friend, omg

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How to Cope With Feelings of Love for the Wrong Person at the Wrong Time?

What will you do if your father added you on Facebook?

..Nothing.. What are you 15? Scared of doing what you're doing..If you got nothing to hide, do what you want. He's your dad...

One of my students just added me on Facebook?

Even if you change the spelling of your name, Facebook will still bring up similar spelling of names as you could of mistyped.if you dont want to add your students etc then you can set your profile... Read More »

A guy added me as a friend on facebook....?

How long have you been speaking to this guy etc? The fact he talks about his ex a lot is a worrying sign. Obviously I don't know you're situation or anything, but what worries me here is that he sa... Read More »