Omg! How much do lip piercings hurt .. U know the ones called snake bites Not actually bites from a snake?

Answer Not at all a shop will usr clamps that seperate the nerves which feels like a pinch that hurts more then the needle. Best to get one side done at a time tho due to swelling

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I want to get snake bites (piercings), how much should I expect to pay?

It will vary depending on who does the piercings and the material of the jewelry used.On average, one lip piercing can be $30-60 USD. For snakebites there is often a bit of a reduced price for the... Read More »

Is it possible to hide snake bites (lip piercings) from parents?

I have snakebites. This means that I have two piercings on opposite ends of my lower lip.I went to a french catholic high school, and had to cover them up in order to not get suspended. I bought cl... Read More »

Do snake bites hurt more than tongue piercing?

not at all :) i pierced my tongue before hurted i had snake bites before too didn't hurt so much just a little pinch . ANGEL bites hurt >.

Snake bites?

meh, it works better than wikkipedia to ask here.Cottonmouth venom-Envenomation by A. p. piscivorus can be serious in terms of tissue death, however, its toxins are less lethal than those of most r... Read More »