Omega 3 supplements - will they help my attention deficient 10 year old son?

Answer Yes yes yes! I do believe "fish oil tablets" are the newest breakthrough in this area.Our eight year old son on them daily and he was diagnosed with ADHD but we did not want to put him on the medi... Read More »

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I'm a vegitarian, should I take omega 3 6 9 supplements?

Omega 3 can be found in animal-free sources.Plant oils such as flaxseed, rapseed and hemp, nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables and grains.It is always preferable to get your nutrients from foods... Read More »

My 4 year old son has listening issues and a short attention span?

I think the problem is adjustment issues:Your child appears to have ritualistic behaviours which he must do to maintain his calm and focus. The puzzles and trains calm him down. When his activities... Read More »

What are the benefits of omega 6&omega 3?

Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids are essential for good health. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), a sound diet contains a balance between the two, which our bodies do no... Read More »

What are the benefits of omega-3 and omega-6?

Omega-3 and omega-6 have been in the news frequently in the past few years, leaving some to wonder about these fatty acids and what the benefits are to consuming them. Omega-6 is found in many cook... Read More »