! ! OmG 10 pOiNtS gIvEaWaY ! ! ! P . L . Z A . N . S . W . E . R pLeAsE?

Answer 1)download Azureus: go to 3) search through the torrents at thepiratebay4)find the one you like5) save it6) then use Azureus to open the torre... Read More »

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How to Download from Giveaway of the Day?

Home pageGiveaway of the day is a free and 100% legal & legit website that offors a free licenced softwere daily. Basically, every day they nominate one software title that will be a Giveaway title... Read More »

YouTube Giveaway Ideas?

My advice is to go with small gift cards, and give them away on as regular of a basis as you can afford (like every other month or a few times a year). Something everyone can use like a $5 Amazon g... Read More »

Consumer Giveaway Regulations?

For decades, companies have used giveaways to increase brand excitement and loyalty as well as to collect valuable information on current and potential customers. The rules for giveaways depend on... Read More »

UGG boots giveaway through facebook?

It's a scam. There was a Facebook group with a similar ploy (Dell laptops that a company ordered and they couldn't return them to Dell) that has been suspended by Facebook.Think about it - would a... Read More »