Olympus or Sony: Which one?

Answer sup is a way better brand then olympus

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I've paid a fortune on olympus slr lenses. now i use sony, is there anyway to use olympus lenses on my sony?

Which one is better Olympus, Sony or Nikon?

Personal preference. I prefer Nikon because I think it gives a more professional quality. But that is 35mm, are you talking about a digital? My uncle is a photographer and he has a Nikon 35mm, and ... Read More »

Which is a better digital camera, Sony or Olympus?

They both make good ones and bad ones. Check out a few of each.

Which is better Canon, Sony, Olympus or Nikon?

I prefer Olympus myself. I would certainly choose Olympus, Nikon and Canon over Sony. Olympus, Nikon and Canon are camera/imaging companies and make better cameras than Sony does.