Olfactory Receptors in Dogs?

Answer Canines can have as many as 230 million olfactory receptors, and if unfolded would cover an area as large as a handkerchief. To give some perspective, a human has around 5 million olfactory recept... Read More »

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What is olfactory adaptation?

Olfactory adaptation is a form of reductive sensory response to a continuing strong odor. Chemical reactions reduce the perception of smells quickly by neutralizing the response of olfactory nerve ... Read More »

What is the mechanism of olfactory adaptation?

Olfactory refers to the sense of smell. Olfactory adaptation is the decreasing response of the olfactory sense in response to continued exposure to a scent. In other words, the nose becomes accusto... Read More »

How many smell receptors are in the human nose?

Human beings have between 10 million and 20 million olfactory, or smell, receptors in their noses, according to author David G. Myers. These sensitive receptors allow humans to recognize more than ... Read More »

How to Increase the Number of Dopamine Receptors?

Dopamine controls the body's pleasure principle, according to Science Daily. Additionally, dopamine seems to affect movement and motivation. Increases in dopamine receptors allow your body to absor... Read More »