Older Cat Health Problems?

Answer A cat can live up to 16 years or more. Generally, when a cat is 7, it is considered a senior. And, when a cat reached 12, it is considered to be geriatric. A 12-year-old cat is equal to a 70-year-o... Read More »

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Sick/lung problems since moving into older apartment Health hazards possible What could it beHelp!?

I suggest seeing an allergist.Relax, this seems a simple allergy, not mesothelioma.

Health Issues in Older Laying Hens?

As laying hens age, they become more susceptible to diseases that can threaten egg production and shorten their lifespans. Some of these diseases are contagious and can spread to younger chickens a... Read More »

Clutch Problems With Older Jeeps?

Jeeps may be the best-known 4x4 vehicles. Certainly technology has led to many improvements in their design. Among the common problems with older Jeeps, such as the CJ, FC, Willy and station wagon,... Read More »

How to Choose Pin on Cloth Diapers for Older Children and Teenagers With Bedwetting Problems?

This article elaborates on and gives additional information for parents about pin-on cloth diapers for older children and teenagers that wet the bed.