Old spongebob vs new spongebob?

Answer Old sponge for sure. Why is this a question?

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How do you get SpongeBob to do the criss cross twister on the app SpongeBob tickler?

i have the app and i can't quite remember how to do it but i think u put 2 fingers across spongebob diangly and twist i think

Do u like spongebob?

i love spongebob and want to move in next, not with squidward or my own...castle.!do you like blu from foster's home for imaginary friends?oh, and i'm in my 30's.i also love it... Read More »

Is it bad that i still like Spongebob lol i am 14!?

Lol. No , not all. I am laughing for 2 reasons ; If my middle aged therapist has her office covered in spongebob stuff , I think it is quite all right. Secondly you are talking to the girl who sti... Read More »

Do you like spongebob why?

Yeah spongebob the show is great, I like it because it is something good to watch when you are hungover as it doesn't require to much attention to watch, also it appeals to all ages.. kids love it ... Read More »