Old round logitech web camera?

Answer Hey, your webcam is called "QuickCam Web" and downloadable drivers can be found here.…Hope this helps you.

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How to Use a Logitech Web Camera?

Forget that old-fashioned telephone and hook up a webcam. Webcams allow you to chat with your friends and see them while you do, even from hundreds or thousands of miles away. All you need is a few... Read More »

Will the volume speaker from a logitech x230 set work on the logitech x 530?

The wattage is different 6 watts for the x230 and 7.4 watts for the x530 speaker but I think the main problem is that the plug that fits into the subwoofer from the speaker for control is different...

Can the Logitech nano wireless mouse receiver work with other models of logitech mice (specifically the LX7)?

I'm sorry but that's not possible. I tell you because I have 2 MX Revolution and the receiver of one of them was stolen from my house. I tried to use the mouse with the other receiver and it doesn'... Read More »

Why is a camera lens round?

Why is the eye round?Answer this question and you'll have your answer to your question.