Old camera LEICA - does it have any value?

Answer I suggest keeping the camera. After all, it belonged to your dad so in my opinion the sentimental value alone makes it worth keeping. Maybe you can find some pictures he took with it and display th... Read More »

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Is the leica v-lux-1 10 megapixel digital camera a single lens reflex slr camera?

No, it's a compact ("bridge") camera that looks much like an SLR. Here are the lens specs:LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT • 35 - 420 mm equiv. (12x zoom) • F2.8 - F3.7 (minimum aperture F11) • 14 e... Read More »

Who invented the Leica camera?

The Leica camera was invented by Oskar Barnack for the Leitz optical firm. Though Barnack's idea originated in 1905, he didn't make it a reality until 1915, and the camera itself did not enter prod... Read More »

What is a 35mm Leica Camera?

A 35mm Leica is any camera made by the camera manufacter Leica, that captures the photograph on 35mm photographic film. Some might use the term to describe a Leica that has a digital image sensor w... Read More »

Where do you download a manual for Minox Digital Camera Classic Leica M3 Plus?

Answer Here you go: