Old Skool computer Slang?

Answer Before the Great AOL Invasion of 1992, which is what introduced lol, brb etc, there really weren't any abbreviations or slang used on the internet. It was primarily researchers and academics, who ... Read More »

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Wot make-up do u wear 2 skool?

maybelline pure foundation mineralmaybelline pure blush mineral

Im trying to get a band together at my skool and i cant think of a name...?

Pls tell us soon cus we're at skool Who is the character that says skinner in the simpsons?

Anyone know a website that i can go to that has ol skool amps...(bsides ebay, amazon, and overstock)?

give (and then look up your city) a never know if someone local has those amps. Save a few bucks on shipping, too.