Old Fashioned Types of Typewriters?

Answer Typewriters use a set of keys to place letters in order on a sheet of paper. They were the next logical step after the production of the printer. Unlike early printers, the typewriter uses small me... Read More »

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Types of Old Fashioned Sleeves?

Throughout history, sleeves have been a defining fashion characteristic. Sleeves have the function of covering the arms for both warmth and modesty as well as a style detail. Popular sleeve styles ... Read More »

Types of Old-Fashioned Weather Instruments?

Greek philosophers Aristotle and his pupil Theophrastus showed interest in weather phenomena more than three centuries before the start of the Common Era (CE). However, measuring tools and instrume... Read More »

Who made the first typewriters?

According to American Heritage, Remington was the first company to manufacturer typewriters. This event took place in 1874. The Remington wasn't the first writing machine as there were 112 before i... Read More »

Are typewriters still being manufactured?