Okiee do braces hurt! =D?

Answer I would compare the pain to a jammed thumb when there putting the braces in and the next couple days. When the tighten them the pain will be the same as a jammed thumb. Just do not worry about it t... Read More »

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For people with braces!Does it hurt getting braces?

Yes a little, 15-20 mins after you get them on you will probably experience mild to moderate soreness that will last a few days. Eating hard/solid foods is near impossible for the first couple days... Read More »

Does Getting Braces On Hurt ?

hell yeah...don't listen to them,their trying to make it seem like it doesnt to make you feel better...believe me,they hurt like hell :(sorry but it's true

Do braces hurt when you get them put on?

NO!!!! They don't hurt at all. Don't listen to anyone who says it does.It should take about an hour and a half.

Do Braces Hurt to get on and off...?

Well braces dont hurt too much to get on and actually dont take that long. The time they hurt the most is when they are on your teeth because of your teeth shifting into place. make sure to see if ... Read More »