Okay this is very stupid but i ate a caterpillar and im worried! HELP?

Answer ew why would you ever eat a caterpillar?!

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HELP very worried about my blood pressure?

peoples blood pressure readings depend on so many factors, medical science likes 'an average bp reading' dependent on age, body weight, lifestyle, any other medical problems and there medications a... Read More »

Do I have diabetes please help I'm very worried..?

you must go to a diabetologist and take a blood glucose test. thats the very best way that can help you.

Okay I might be stupid and all, but I've never used <b> and <i> and I need help using them now?

Use the or tags at the end of whatever you want bolded or italicized to end it. ex. Hi, I'm JamesHi, I'm James

Please Help. Need Advice. Did Something Very Stupid!?

whether he has slept with men or women point is he has beensexually active and you dont know him, get tested to be on the safe side