Okay so im a dumb@$$ and just sliced my finger open... help?

Answer Depends on how deep the cut is. If it is just a small, shallow cut clean it off with some cool running water, use some firstaid cream (or equivelent) and apply a bandage after the bleeding has sto... Read More »

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Sliced my finger open with a linoleum cutter?

see a doctor if its really bad and still bleeding. If not, just ice and wrap a bandage (not a band aid) around it. You might feel dizzy and want to throw up because you are freaked out and maybe sc... Read More »

I sliced off the top of my index finger and am not sure if i need stitches or not. it is wide open b?

Go to the emergency room anyway! If you need stitches they will give them to you and if you don't they will clean out the cut and then send you on your way.

I just sliced my finger with a knife.. HELP!?

Put that Rubbing Alcohol on it with a cotton ball. That will take out the infection.If still bleeding put your arm above your head for a few also you can put neosporin and a bandage on it. If its... Read More »

I sliced my finger with a knife!! help?

i did the same thing yesterday when i cut open my thumb trying to cut an apple. you should definetly go to a store an get gauze bandaging tape and neosporin so it doesnt get infected and probably w... Read More »