Okay serious computer help...?

Answer Tara, you know if I could help you I would but I cannot. I asked my husband who is a computer GEEK and he said it is a virus that you will have to wipe out with your anit-virus protection once it ... Read More »

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Okay I need some serious help!?

Holy ******* ****! I'll try to buy you some new scissors, but I really want to replace your banana with a more effective one. I feel so bad that a truck hit you! Try jumping in a pool of ice cr... Read More »

Serious computer problem. Please Help!!!?

when u go into settup try loading bios defaults ... then i would imagine the next step would be setting to boot from cdrom and see if u can reload the operating system ..

Need some serious help with my computer!!?

I need serious help. i noticed there were too many statrt up programs on my computer so i disabled all and now?

Well, you should've thought about that while pretending to be an expert disabling startup programs.Sounds like you got yourself into a bit of a pickle.