Okay my friend's a vegetarian and...?

Answer If she eats meat, then she is not a vegetarian. If she was vegan,she would not be able to eat the gelatin, but most vegetarians still eat it.If she cut out all meats except for fish, she would be ... Read More »

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Is It Okay For Me TO Become A Vegetarian?

well, i am a vegitarian and was ever since age 14. i think that its okay, as long as you make sure to eat right.

Raising a baby who is a vegetarian, is it okay?

Not to be mean but you aren't a vegetarian and your baby won't be either. Vegetarians do not eat any meat by definition and fish is meat. Your diet is known as pescatarian. Consider these things, a... Read More »

I eat fish, and I am a vegetarian, is that okay?

your best friend is right, if you eat fish you shouldn't claim that you're a vegetarian. the proper name is Pescetarian

Is it okay to be vegan 6 days a week and only vegetarian on the 7th day?

If someone deliberately eats something not considered vegan then that's fine - as long as she doesn't call herself a vegan. She will be a vegetarian. I mostly eat vegan, don't wear leather or silk ... Read More »