Okay, PLEASE help me!!!!! my printer is acting really weird!!?

Answer REINSTALL it, best online because the drivers are more updated

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My /computer /is /acting /really /weird!!! PLEASE HELP?

Looks to me like your keyboard is messed up. Try plugging in an external keyboard and see if that works out better for you.

Okay, so the colors of my monitor are really messing me please?

try adjusting the cables in back of the monitor, they might be pinched. If this doesn't work I am afraid you need a new monitor. Best to have your parent have a long talk with your brother.

My printer is acting weird, it keep shutting on and off and limiting my connection to the internet?

It sounds like it might be a power problem. If you have everything plugged into a power strip/surge protector or UPS, then it may be being overloaded or bad, and is causing all the devices to lose ... Read More »

My head's acting kind of

I have these on occasion also. Usually occurs over one of my eyes or near the temple. Makes me wince and usually subsides shortly after. I never worried about them since they never last.Check s... Read More »