Okay, I know this is nasty, but I really need help...?

Answer looks like a ring worm. i think there is some over the counter creams you can use. google ringworm

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I am 13 years old and i smoke. I know i need to quit! is nasty. but i dot know how to stop.i need help!?

You stop by getting MORE parental supervision!!!

I have a penis problem guys. I really need your help in solving this, okay...?

oh dear, the guy who cut it off sounds a bit of an amature, sounds like he's taken too much skin off which has stunted your penis growth which is a shame. Your just gonna have to live with it, besi... Read More »

I know I keep asking this but I really need help. Is this a good laptop?

Why not get something like a Lenovo,Sony or a Dell for the same price? Toshiba has always got very low ratings from buyers even HP has better rep than Toshiba. Any computer built in the last 10 y... Read More »

I need help with this guy plz im really really confused?

Sorry I didn't read the whole thing just skimmed through it but based on the last part alone move on he isn't worth it. If he cheats on his current gf with you(yes making out is cheating) he will e... Read More »