Okay I hurt my back somehow and it hurts really bad! what should I do?

Answer see an hio method chiropractor.

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My back hurts why does it hurt and how can I get rid of the pain?

Where do you get that back pain? Try to have a massage. That will relieve you from your back pain.

My back really hurts!!!!>?

Ouch bestfriend. Go to your doctor and bake it!

My back really hurts?

Chiropractic can often help very well - the bump you are feeling is a muscle spasm, perhaps sitting on a vertebrae that is blocked or subluxated.

Lower back hurts really bad?

i had the same thing.I'm 15 aswell. i went to the chiropractor and it really helped. i also went to a Massage person, and it helped relax my muscles. i recommend going to the chiropractor at least... Read More »