Okay 10 pts for first best answer... how many pages is 2000 words typed?

Answer In university, it was about 250 words per page on average, so 8 pages. There are lots of factors that could affect the exact word count, but that was our rule of thumb.

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How do I delete words typed in a search engine?

Delete Words Typed in a Search Engine Forms When Using an Internet Explorer Browser(Internet Explorer 7) Click on the "Tools" menu in your Internet Explorer 7 browser and select "Internet Options."... Read More »

Can you delete the history for words you've typed in the Google search box?

Here is my top google clear search tip for in to your google the last search.....use the back arrow so the cursor is at the beginning of the word..then hold down the down... Read More »

What is the answer to the family reunion game The object is to remove a letter then unscramble the words They have to all fit in a category words as skiing braises burnish females freshly soldiers?

If you wish to do so and it is not taking place in a Kingdom Hall (official meeting place of Jehovah's Witnesses) then I would think it would be ok.

Can you promote your fan pages at Yahoo! Answer ?

According to the Yahoo! Answers community guidelines, "Yahoo! Answers is a place to gain knowledge, not customers, page views, or dates." Yahoo! Answers is a place where users ask and answer a var... Read More »