Ok, what are 5 ways to say no to alchohol?

Answer No thanksNo thank youI don't think soI'd rather notNo way, no howGo awayBite meTake a hikeWhy don't you drink it?Beat itGet the heck outa hereLeave me aloneNeed I say more??

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I got a little bit of Rubbing Alchohol in my eye, Help?

Ya, you will be fine.I would rinse it a couple more times.

I always need to pee when drinking alchohol?

It's normal. Alcohol is fluid, your body needs to release your intake of it.Everyone who drinks always needs to piss.

Accidently drank alchohol?

Maybe...Although I doubt you will get really drunk, you just may feel a little..ehhh buzzed is the word. Still, I say don't drive for the next hour or so and drink some water and carbs( bread, past... Read More »

Beer contening 19% alchohol?

Stop drinking it, it is affecting your spelling.Yours: Grumpy