Ok want to lose my virginity before i turn 16.?

Answer Your priorities are mixed up. Why lose something when saving it is so much more prized?

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I'm still virgin. i need to lose my virginity. how to lose it?

why you wanna do this dear? Is it neccessary?!

I'm 15 years old, and 235 lbs.. I want to lose 15 pound before August 12, my birthday and school starts . How?

eat healthy foods like fruit and vegtables, try to stay away from the high calorie foods like chips and soda. You can exercise too. like walk around your neighborhhood or go swimming. Hope I helped... Read More »

When to lose virginity?

Until you have found the right person.. that is what I am waiting for I am 14 years old to..

How do you ask a girl to lose her virginity to you?

dont ask just take her to dinner and let her ask