Ok this is embarrassing, why is it that when I drink liquour I act violently.?

Answer Some people have the same reaction as you when drinking. Others become very mellow and everything is right with the world. So if you are prone to angry and violent, it is time to quit liquor entire... Read More »

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How to Get Someone to Stop Picking on You Non-Violently?

If someone keeps picking on you, it can stir up complicated emotions, ranging from feeling sorry for yourself to deep anger. Your breaking point may not be far behind. Perhaps you imagine knocking ... Read More »

Is it worth going to the doc after my ex violently attacked me & choked me?

Go to the doctor.Even if a doctor can't make you feel better it will be benificial in your case against your ex.The doctor will probably give you meds to make you more comfortable as well so it's k... Read More »

How should you go about telling your mom that you're pregnant when you know she'll become violently upset?

Answer It might be a good idea to have an adult school counselor or religious leader with you when you talk to your mother.

Computer shakes and hums violently with certain discs?

Load any original disc. If there is any shaking & humming your CD/DVD writer is damaged. Rather replace than have it repaired.