Ok this is embarrassing, why is it that when I drink liquour I act violently.?

Answer Some people have the same reaction as you when drinking. Others become very mellow and everything is right with the world. So if you are prone to angry and violent, it is time to quit liquor entire... Read More »

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How should you go about telling your mom that you're pregnant when you know she'll become violently upset?

Answer It might be a good idea to have an adult school counselor or religious leader with you when you talk to your mother.

I get cramps on my leg when i drink alcohol is this a sign that im an alcoholic?

1) muscle cramping is a sign of dehydration2) 10 ounces is a little more than six shots. You may not be an alcoholic bit a binge drinker.3)shaving a good idea is to drink two glasses of water or u... Read More »

My candle flickers violently and a ton of black smoke comes out when I burn it?

How much did you trim it? It should always be low - about 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch so that the flame is low and more even. If you're sitting near it, any kind of air movement (including breathing, gett... Read More »

Is there a disease listed in the Merck Manual to explain why I become violently ill when in the presence of a?

Nope! It's in the DSM. It's called Preggo-Slaggo-Phobia. Recommended treatment is a geographical relocation.