Ok so this is really persional about my vagina?

Answer try and use the yeast infection cream ok best of luck sweetie

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You heard about a prison in Peru that has no guards like Sona in Prison break you may be wrong about the country but you really like to know more about this?

Yes-It's called Lurigancho and because there are too many prisoners versus guards, they have to elect prisoners that run the show. The conditions are terrible.

My bf cam in me about 11 times in about 8 days..the next day i started my period.but it was less blood and mostly pink.i usaully dont have cramps but this time was really bad.Should i be worried im P?

Answer you should be very worried. go check yourself out yo.

Do people honestly really care about this?

No braces are not that big a deal. As for most people being done with braces before entering high school well that is just plain wrong.

Get drunk really easily What can I do about this?

Don't drink so Much. I know that sound kinda obvious and sarcastic, but I don't think theres much more you can do. Maybe your body will get use to it of you drink the same amount each time you go out.