Ok so there's a lot of things wrong with my computer please help me.?

Answer you prob really need to clean it... computers should be cleaned every 6 months no matter if you live in the cleanest house in the world your computer will get all dusty get a can of air (any compu... Read More »

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The headphone jack on your computer cuts in and out. There is nothing wrong with your headphones as it happens no matter what headphones you use in the computer. What is wrong and how do you fix it?

Step 1. Throw your headphones out the windoes Step 2. Go to the store and buy a new pair Step 3. Open the box and watch the magic happen

How do I get my computer--like the things i write in, to stop suggesting things?

This is a functionality of not only the browser that you use (which you did not tell us the brand or version level), but also the web pages that you visit.When it concerns web pages, that usually i... Read More »

What is wrong with me and why are these things happening?

Are you eating properly, are you drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep? Make sure your body is well rested.

What things usually go wrong when it comes to apps?

Pop ups add ons lag and viruses. I suggest getting a virus scanner.