Ok, so i wanted to uninstall a program. so i deleted it into my recycle bin, then i emptied the recycle bin.?

Answer No, you have to go to control panel and go to add and remove programs, that will fully uninstall any program that they list.

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How to Retrieve Files From a Recycle Bin That's Been Emptied?

In Microsoft Windows operating systems, users who wish to get rid of files temporarily place these files in the Recycle Bin, where they are stored before disposal. When you wish to empty the Recycl... Read More »

My computer is running really slow tonight and takes ages to bring up websites,i have emptied recycle bin,i ?

What I do when my computer is running slow is to go to..- start- control panel (should be on left side)- uninstall a programYou will find things you didn't even know you had stored into your comput... Read More »

Help I deleted my recycle bin.?


1.Right-click on your desktop and choose Personalize2.Click on the Change Desktop Icons link in the upper left hand corner3.In the Desktop Icons Settings window, check the Recycle Bin box and click OK