Ok so i cut myself shaving my legs and it wont stop bleeding! What do i do?

Answer Apply some sort of CLEAN bandage big enough to easily cover it all & absorb the blood & apply firm pressure until it stops bleeding. No large bandages? A kotex or 2 should work...or even a c... Read More »

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I cut a mole shaving and it won't stop bleeding?

That's really Bad. Put lots of pressure on it to stop and see a doctor or someone.

How to Stop the Bleeding From a Shaving Nick?

Once again, you are shaving your legs or face, when you feel that darned burning sensation. You need to stop the bleeding in a hurry so you can get on with your day. You can apply pressure and wait... Read More »

Body shaving: How to stop razor bumps on the legs?

Well, obviously shaving cream. But, if you're using shaving cream & still getting razor bumps then use either olive oil or hair conditioner. Because it kind of coats it & makes your skin really sof... Read More »

How to Stop Rashes After Shaving Bikini Area & Legs?

Shaving with a razor is irritating to sensitive skin and can cause splotchy rashes to appear afterward. This is especially true for the bikini area and legs where poor technique coupled with the wr... Read More »