Ok so i cut myself shaving my legs and it wont stop bleeding! What do i do?

Answer Apply some sort of CLEAN bandage big enough to easily cover it all & absorb the blood & apply firm pressure until it stops bleeding. No large bandages? A kotex or 2 should work...or even a c... Read More »

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How to Stop the Bleeding From a Shaving Nick?

Once again, you are shaving your legs or face, when you feel that darned burning sensation. You need to stop the bleeding in a hurry so you can get on with your day. You can apply pressure and wait... Read More »

I cut a mole shaving and it won't stop bleeding?

That's really Bad. Put lots of pressure on it to stop and see a doctor or someone.

Body shaving: How to stop razor bumps on the legs?

Well, obviously shaving cream. But, if you're using shaving cream & still getting razor bumps then use either olive oil or hair conditioner. Because it kind of coats it & makes your skin really sof... Read More »

My arm wont stop bleeding!?

take a warm cloth and put it on your wound and apply preassure. try that for 5-10 min but uhh you may want to do that while your waiting in the ER. call the doctor asap