Ok problem need help?

Answer What is D drive, is it just a partition for storing data ? Why can't you open it ?EDIT @@@@@@@@@@Not sure if this helps,…I don't understand why your AV ca... Read More »

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I need help with youtube problem,can anyone help?

IE 8 problem.....need help..?

I just asked a friend about this. I downloaded it a couple days ago and HATE it. My computer is dragging slow. Let me know if you solve the problem, would you please? Thanks.The suggestion belo... Read More »

Please I need help Eye problem.?

Dear Jessica, First and foremost please don't use any makeup near your eyes what so ever. you need to make sure that the eye is always clean from anything and everything. The first most important ... Read More »

Minecraft pause problem need help?

1. It could be a bug. The free version of this Minecraft you didn't pay for is most likely not fixed for bugs. (bugs=problems to do with code and optimization)2. It could be your computer. Minecraf... Read More »