Ok ouch! i have a cut?

Answer tell your parents.

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Ouch! any advice?

It sounds like a muscle strain. Over use of any muscle causes tightness that does not like to be moved until the muscle comes to grips with what happened. Like a rubber band, muscles like to mainta... Read More »

It huuurts!! ouch!!?

drink those little biosomething yoghurts, one per daydrink lots of watereat muesli, not cornflakeseat brown breadtry some fibogelprune juice

Spider bites. OUCH!?

Spider Bite 1. Wash the bite with soap and water.2. Apply a cool compress.3. Apply Bite Rx. (see below)4. If necessary, take over-the-counter medication to control pain or itching.5. Antibiotics a... Read More »

Ouch! My ingrown toenail!?

Go to the doctor. Not a hospital, just make an appointment. The will have to numb your toe a cute that corner of your nail off. no biggie. :P I've had it done.