Ok new do you slim people stay that way?

Answer Exercise regularly or at least get a fair deal of cardio at the right heart rate. I only eat like 2 meals a day (just because I just don't get hungry that often) and snack a lot, but the snacks are... Read More »

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How to Stay Slim After a Diet?

Have you lost all of that weight to find it's coming back? I have just the article for you.

How to Stay Slim and Still Drink Alcohol?

Is it possible to stay thin and have your drinks too? According to numerous scientific studies, people who drink in moderation can keep their figure and still enjoy alcohol. However, staying slim g... Read More »

Why is it that some people stay so skinny when they eat so much and they dont even exercise?

Metabolism... And remember... You can be skinny and unhealthy just as easy it is to be fat and healthy...Just because someone is skinny doesn't mean they are HEALTHY and THAT is the important thing...

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