Ok my vigina always smells and i dont know what to do about it?

Answer You really need to see a doctor (specifically a gynecologist). I know it is really embarrassing to talk about with your mom, but she will understand, you'll be thankful to be able to talk to her ab... Read More »

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Does everybody vomit during pregnancy I am currently 5-6 weeks pregnant and I feel tired and not I dont like any food at all and smells are making me sick. I havent been vomiting. Pls help?

Early pregnancy can induce a variety of symptoms including but not limited toabsence of a periodimplantation bleedingvaginal dischargelethargydizzinesspain in the base of the skull mild abdominal d... Read More »

You turn on the heat and the air smells funny it kind of smells like glue what could cause this?

Could be bacteria build-up If your vehicle has air conditioning the smell could be caused by build up of bacteria on the heater matrix and in the vents, as this bacteria decays it causes a smell in... Read More »

Help! i have something comming out of my vigina and its not blood its something solid?

HELP ! thers A pink Thing In Front of My vigina?

Its fine,every woman is different,its probably your clitoris.