Ok lets settle this right now COKE vs PEPSI ?

Answer Coke! whenever we go out to eat I ask if it's coke or pepsi if it's pepsi I know that no jack daniels will be had that night since mixing it with pepsi is the nastiest taste; so I get water instead... Read More »

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Lets settle this once and for all... MAC OR PC!!!?

pc for gaming, mac for regular internet browsing (safer from viruses and spyware)

Pepsi is way better than coke right?

Is this a coke or a pepsi can?

clearly coke with a see-through pepsi wrapper on it... or badly photoshopped or adobe illustratored better yet poke or cokesi copsi = / ...hell maybe even Dr. Pepperhope dis helps = P

Coke or pepsi Please answer this!!?