Ok ladies am i just being paranoid?

Answer My opinion may not be much (I'm 15) but they're probably just trying to make sure you're healthy and safe. Even if there is something the double x-rays mean they can catch it earlier which means it... Read More »

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Ok this is for the ladies.ladies iam a male dancer and 11inc and my girl hates me doing it,but it pays?

I'm so paranoid please help?

It is usually okay for someone to be a little paranoid when something bad has happened, but if it is not close to you or if nonthing like that have like that where u have lived it is most likely no... Read More »

Getting really paranoid about my braces!!?

Each phase of braces adjusts things like a domino effect - one thing has to move before the thing next to it can move, and it's unusual for any treatment plan to last fewer than 12 months. That's ... Read More »

Any one else paranoid over their kids?

On my little girl's 5th day at Primary School, age 4, I went to pick her up as I had done for the previous days. We all use to wait outside the classroom door, and being new mums' at school most o... Read More »