Ok just so people no this is not a question ccleaner is free to download yes.?

Answer Ok Anthony, unless it has recently changed ccleaner does not do that. Some programs do. Ccleaner asks for donations and works the same whether or not a donation is made, it is offered free to the p... Read More »

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Star this question if you are trying to find ONE, just one question in this category that has nothing to do?

this is about the swine flu lolanywayi agree its pretty retarded.

Where can i download a good antispy for free and not a subscription for just a free scan and have to upgrade t?

If this is a Microsoft OS (XP or W7), I would use the security essential and it's free.

Will 100+ people answer this question help me reach this goal.?

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How do you define a single parent I just read this, and was shocked people had this view...?

lmao! i feel special! :) well i define a single parent as one that is apart from the other, doesn't live with them, and maybe gets some financial help (not exactly oxford dictionary standards, but ... Read More »