Ok im 15 and im wanna learn to drive?

Answer If you don't have a learner's permit, you cannot drive on public streets or property. However, you can drive on your own property, so if you or a family member has a large piece of property like a ... Read More »

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What is the rest of the Jodie call 'I wanna be a navy pilot I wanna fly an F-14 i wanna fly with the cock pit open I wanna hear them commies scream'?

The Amish are not members of the church at birth. They're not permitted to join the church until they're adults. There's a period before this decision in made, known as Rumspringa. During this time... Read More »

I wanna learn a programming language....?

You can start with C++. Here are some very easy video tutorials that take you from the beginning (getting a compiler) through much of the language:…Install... Read More »

I live in the UK and I am obsessed with ancient egypt but i wanna learn more about it any advice ?

Hi Kathryn,It's great you've found something you're so passionate about. Egyptology is a really fascinating subject :)One thing you might want to think about is doing something like an online cours... Read More »

In what car did learn to drive and?

I learnt to drive in a Reliant Robin ( yes the three wheel thing), but I passed my test (1st time) in a Ford Fiesta.I now drive a 44 tonne, 60 ft long artic for work, my road cars are a Range Rover... Read More »