Ok i need help with my printer problem?

Answer What happened? What is happening? Please add more detail to this question.Sounds like driver issues.1)GO to Start ( at the bottom of your screen)GO to RunType in devmgmt.mscThis will take you to th... Read More »

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Printer problem, need help fast.?

You have a software problem or a defective printer.Things to try:- try a different program, see if it prints ok (this will validate if it is an application-specific issue)- print just a test page (... Read More »

Computer geeks. Need Help. Printer Problem?

HiYou need to install the drivers from the CD and not just relying on Windows drivers which, half the time are useless. What kind of printer is it? If it is a HP, you will have to uninstall the pri... Read More »

Printer problem! I really need help and fast!?

cartridge jams are often cause by paper jams remove the paper turn of the printer wait then turn back on and replace paper then go to the control panel go to printers and accessories and run a prin... Read More »

Please help with a printer problem?

Hi BudgePrint at 300 dpi resolution. If the problem persists, then the printer's head is damaged.