Ok bideos arent runing rite on youtube?

Answer THIS IS FUN. LET US COUNT THE ERRORS, SHALL WE?Ok -- bideos -- arent -- runing -- rite -- ok -- jusy -- workin -- its -- workin -- rite -- matter in fact -- idk -- an half hour -- jus -- yester day... Read More »

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What am i runing from?

Pc runing slow while playin' Bf3?

This PC is quite outdated. There are many likely bottlenecks including the CPU and the RAM. The 630 shouldn't be the problem as long as you're on low settings. Not sure why it would smooth at first... Read More »

The credit on my edf energy prepayment card is runing out ,Anybody can help?

Keep the fridge door shut... until you can get some more money.It will be fine..Fridges are designed to manage for some hours without power.. provided you don't let any heat in !! and it is not tha... Read More »

Why is BBC i player runing slow when you put it on full screen?

Sir Alex Ferguson said "They [the BBC] did a story about my son that was whole lot of nonsense. It all made-up stuff and 'brown paper bags' and all that kind of carry-on. It was a horrible attack o... Read More »