Ok awkward question but...?

Answer Try using a different deodorant; maybe a spray on; roll on, or powder. Maybe the o1 your using just doesn't work for you the same thing used to happen to me but I changed from degree to dove and it... Read More »

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Awkward masturbation question?

Stimulate your Clitoris. That will be your most sensitive area.

Awkward question about shaving..?

Just use a razor. Make sure it's a good brand, that you've used before like with your legs. Make sure you soap really good or you'll cut yourself. Also when you get underneath you might want to squ... Read More »

Awkward Question, Girls Only Please!?

Other than take a bath not sure of any remedies but you can but Sumner eves they have good spray keeps you fresh also change your pads ofter and each time u change wipe really good then spray baby ... Read More »

Okay This is Kind of An Awkward Question?

Soak them for a half hour in 2 onces of peroxide mixed 2 onces of 409 or a similar high ph all purpose cleaner. I would put them in a zip lock bag with the solution.The high ph cleaner will accele... Read More »