Ok... When i was taking a piss i looked down and saw a white pimpil.?

Answer Go to the doctor. Right away.

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"Taking the piss" = ?

Example Q) Why are you calling us Britishers ?A) because i feel like taking the p!ss

What is more offensive- having a go at Americans, taking the piss out of Christians or defending vegetarians?

Hi Princess,Having a go at American isn't offensive, its a national sporttaking the p*** out of christians is too easy.Defending vegetarians is just plain right, and your duty.So, apologising or wo... Read More »

Intentionally slowing down in front of tailgaters just to piss them off?

Doing this is fine and its recommended to start slowing down very gradually, without using your brakes and then move to the side if at all possible..

Why do my fingernails turn white when taking vitamin D supplements?

Its Your Bodies Way Of Saying The Medicine Is Helping They Are Getting Healthier.