Ok, I've just been chopping chillies, and I've just scratched my balls....what fun.?

Answer There was a reason we always told the cooks to wash their hands before using the restroom when they had been chopping the jalapenos.Sorry to hear of your discomfort.

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How to Make Money on RuneScape Just Chopping Logs?

You don't have to me a member do this; all you need is a bronze axe!

How long after you buy a CD do you stop caring and just let it get scratched?

When its surpassed its use in times of boredom.

I just scratched myself with a pencil, will I be okay?

I guess it will be okay. When have you had your last Tetanus shot? It ususally lasts 2 yrs and prevents infections from the sort of thing. Even if lead is inside, squeeze the wound till the "infect... Read More »

If I just buy an iPhone 4 just the phone no contract, can I just put my sim in it & and it work?

Yes, but you should first check if it works with your SIM card and carrier. For instance, I live in Canada and bought iPhone 4 from someone. I'm using it with Chatr (company name). It belonged to R... Read More »