Ok I'm stupid but what does lol mean?

Answer Laughing Out Loud

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Excuse me for being stupid but what does ie mean?

abbreviation for the Lating word "id est"It usually means: "That is (to say)", "in other words", or sometimes "in this case", depending on the context used.In computing, it usually refers to intern... Read More »

This may sound stupid, but what does <8 mean?

The first one looks like a naked lady lying on her side and the other one appears to be a really pointy wiener with a big ball sack.

I feel stupid for asking this but what does it mean when my caller ID say's Invalid Number?

I think that is a number that is blocked and you cannot call back. Probably some sort of telemarketing scheme.

So i have been a member for just a week now and have a stupid question... What does BD and DH mean.?

here sweetie here it all is a-z LOL hope i didnt for get anything. Hope it helps.AF: Aunt Flo (your period)BBT: Basal Body Temperature BD: Baby dance, sexBCP: Birth Control Pills BFN: Big Fat Negat... Read More »