Ok, I'm now entirely sure I will become vegetarian starting today...?

Answer Spinach and zucchini sandwiches are DELICIOUS. You should be able to find Tofurky in your area, most health food stores carry it and many regular grocery stores are starting to carry it as well. ... Read More »

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After 2 years straight of being a vegetarian, I'm starting to crave meat?

well you have to question urself- how serious are your beliefs?we all should listen to our bodies- if we did so we would all be healthy (eat when you are hungry, stop when u are full). cravings are... Read More »

I recently stopped being vegetarian and ask soon as I starting eating meat, my face got filled with bumps.?

Most likely. Meat consumption slows down circulation, which can have a negative effect on both skin and hair.

Is there anything that I should know about working out I am starting the gym today!?

Drink the protein shakes within 30 minutes after your work-out. Always stretch before and after exercising. If you are looking to build muscle, be sure to do your resistance (weight) training BEFOR... Read More »

Which from this list would you like starting off your morning with today?

E)Other-Chocolate Boost drink and...I forgot the name of the cereal! sorry its new to me-_-